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Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches accessibility plan

Who wouldn’t want to live next to the beach and within 30 minutes of work? It’s the great Australian dream! However, increased population growth in the Northern Beaches has limited opportunity for this to be a reality.

Transport infrastructure plays a key role in providing growth and opportunity for all members of the global city that Sydney has become. Australia’s largest economic city, it has the worst congestion in the country. And many of those congested roads are key gateways to the Northern Beaches.

Unsurprisingly, there is significant car dependency for residents of the Northern Beaches given the limited and arguably ineffective public transport options for those wanting to access employment or social infrastructure outside of the harbour central business district (CBD).

The 2018/19 Advisian Undergraduate Team, in collaboration with UNSW’s Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI), have developed a plan to facilitate sustainable growth for the Northern Beaches.

Connections between liveable areas and economic centres outside of the Sydney CBD, as well as strong connections within the beaches must be made. Considering both the unique attributes of the Northern Beaches  and the diverse mix of current transport technology, the Undergraduate Team believes a combination of on-demand transport options, bus rapid transport, and light rail services can achieve alignment with Greater Sydney’s vision of a 30-minute city.

This project was undertaken by the 2018/19 Advisian Undergraduate Team: Daniel Hurwood, Lily Elliot, George Wilkinson, and Athena Foo and supported by Advisian’s David Hicks, Tobi Krug and Victor Prados-Valerio, and David Rey from UNSW’s rCITI.

Download the full paper here.