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3D rendering of renewable hydrogen tank, solar panels and wind turbine.

Green hydrogen today, tomorrow, and in 2030

Headshot of Erica Bhasin of Advisian

Erica Bhasin | Decarbonization & Energy Transition Consultant, London | 15 May 2023

Green hydrogen, also known as renewable hydrogen, is a potential pathway to decarbonization. Although this option has been around for decades, it’s only recently that this clean energy source is being seen as a competitive alternative to fossil-based fuels.

The urgency of climate change has increased the emphasis on renewable electricity replacing coal, oil and gas. But carbon-intensive industrial applications used in refining, steel making, and ammonia need more than just renewable electricity for their feedstock and fuel. Therefore, utilizing green hydrogen could unlock more sustainable outcomes for the industry.

Worley, in partnership with VoltaChem / TNO, examined green hydrogen's place in global energy systems from today, tomorrow and through to 2030.

With the European Union’s target of achieving 40 GW of water electrolysis capacity by 2030, what needs to happen between now and then when considering demand, supply, and technology? Our evaluation addresses these questions while posing others to encourage a conversation with the green hydrogen community.

By sharing knowledge on green hydrogen, we hope to develop a community of thinkers and doers who will collaborate to develop opportunities to achieve sustainability and overcome the challenges on the way to net zero. Want to be part of the conversation? Please reach out to us.


Green hydrogen today, tomorrow, and in 2030