Collage of a ship, propeller and shipping containers.

Decarbonizing the shipping sector

Today there are 90,000 ships in operation. They carry 80 percent of the world’s resources across the ocean, emitting almost one billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses each year. This is the equivalent of 13 million tanker trucks filled with gasoline. And if the sector continues to grow, emissions will increase by 250 percent in the next three decades.

The industry is looking to the future and taking steps to decarbonize. The goal is to reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2050.

But what will it take to decarbonize the shipping sector?

LNG carrier crossing the ocean.

One question, three experts: What are the challenges of decarbonizing shipping?

What are the challenges of decarbonizing shipping? We try to answer this question to help the USD 14 trillion shipping industry meet its net-zero targets.

Listen to our host, Geeta Thakorlal, President, Information and Digital Delivery, Worley, as she delves into this topic with our panel of experts Daiva Seavey, Global Vice President, Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure, Advisian, Sandeep Jain, Global Vice President and Service Line Lead, Power, Advisian, and Dr Clare Anderson, Group Sustainability Lead at Worley.


Cargo ship transporting containers across the sea.