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The critical importance of water in the energy transition

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Andrew Hodgkinson | Manager Process and Treatment Technology, Houston | 09 December 2021

Water is fundamental to life. It is also critical to enabling the energy transition.

We all know water is fundamental to life. But you’re probably wondering what exactly makes water so critical to energy transition projects?

The critical importance of water in the energy transition.

If overlooked, water considerations will have major impacts on your energy transition project. So how can you avoid underestimating water challenges?

Before you dive too deeply, you need to consider: 

  • What is your source water quality and availability?
  • Do you have a plan to address complex water and wastewater treatment, including disposal?
  • Do you have the expertise to cover maintenance and operations for complex water systems?

If you have questions don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In the following perspectives our experts explore these questions and more.

Why water will determine the future of battery production

From the mine site to the recycling plant, water management will determine whether battery producers sink or swim. Read our latest article to find out why water is so critical to the battery industry.


Top of batteries.

Water is critical for nuclear power production

Nuclear power production technology has come a long way but still needs water to function. In this article, we take a deeper dive into water requirements and interesting technologies coming online in the nuclear power space.


Nuclear fission symbol.

The essential role of water for Renewable Natural Gas

Wonder how an aqueous process might help Renewable Natural Gas become key to the future energy mix? In this article, we further explore this waste-to-fuel process and some of its top challenges. And of course, look at best practices to solve them.


Collage of the Antwerp Port House, cows in paddock at a biofuel plant and a water treatment tank.

The importance of water for renewable diesel production

Renewable diesel is undergoing an industrial scale renaissance, and we’re helping to make it happen.

In this article, we take a deeper look at the challenges and opportunities relating to water management and wastewater treatment on renewable diesel projects.


Collage of canola plant, hydrogen molecules, and a refinery.

Pumped storage hydropower is critical for the energy transition

There is a clear need to store renewable energy from intermittent sources and be able to release it when needed. One logical solution for storing and releasing massive amounts of renewable energy is pumped-storage hydropower.

In this article we take a deeper dive into what pumped storage hydro is all about, how this seemingly simple energy storage solution works, and the project challenges facing this energy transition enabling technology.


Aerial view of a pumped hydropower plant in Spain.

The importance of water to the hydrogen industry

While the push to increase production rises, we must not forget the critically important role water plays in hydrogen projects.

In this article, we explore what exactly makes water so important to hydrogen production. We'll also share some insight into how to waterproof your hydrogen project.


Collage of hydrogen tank, wind turbines, green hydrogen storage, and water droplets.

Why water is critical to the energy transition

An overview of water’s importance to the energy transition.

In this article we explore water’s importance in traditional energy production. Then we look forward to the energy transition enabling technologies of the coming years.

You’ll find addressing water challenges early helps ensure project viability. But getting it wrong may just evaporate your business case.


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Integrating total water management into your energy transition project

Advisian combines global expertise in water stewardship – sourcing, regulatory permitting, system design, treatment – with skilled operations and maintenance knowhow. We use our expertise to develop and sustain cost‑effective, total water management solutions.

Getting your energy transition project done right

Our water expertise combined with the energy, chemicals, and resource project delivery capabilities of the broader Worley Group allows us to deliver engineered solutions that actually work in real world settings. This translates to feasible solutions that work hand in hand with every aspect of your unique energy transition project.

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