Case Study

Westermeerwind project

Offshore wind park in the Dutch Lake Ijssel.

Owner's Engineer for an offshore wind park in the Dutch Lake Ijssel.

The Westermeerwind project is constructed in Lake Ijssel (Netherlands) along the dikes of the Noordoostpolder. The park comprises of 48 wind turbines of 3 MW each (144MW in total); divided in two rows. The Westermeerwind project faced the challenges of construction in extremely shallow water depths, of risks relating to interaction with other users of the lake (commercial and recreational) both during the construction and operational phases and of limited accessibility for construction vessels.

Advisian’s Intecsea office in Delft, Netherlands, was employed to serve as owner’s engineer with responsibility to:

  • Review EPCI contractor deliverables
  • Provide technical support to client and perform independent assessment of specific design aspects, including:
    • Geotechnical evaluations
    • Foundation monopile design
    • Accidental impact assessment
    • Piling fatigue assessments
  • Support client with fitness-for-service assessment based on as-constructed parameters

Advisian’s owner’s engineering support provided significant value to Westermeerwind BV by:

  • Making available a broad range of technical expertise that could be quickly mobilized to review design documentation and attend technical meetings
  • Providing independent engineering support for tasks deemed less suitable for execution by the EPCI contractor (e.g. assessment of specific project risks)
  • Allowing Westermeerwind to react quickly to technical proposals from the EPCI contractor. This was particularly valuable in those cases where EPCI proposed to implement non-standard or new design solutions without track record
  • Providing on-demand support for evaluation of queries, non-conformances and findings that arose during the construction phase.



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