Case Study

Tyra East & West Review

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The Tyra East and West field centers are suffering from seabed subsidence, and mitigation projects have been in continual, progressive implementation for more than a decade to extend field life, as significant reserves remain to be produced from the Tyra field.

The project scope involved reviewing and comparing suitable development strategies, previously identified by the customer, for assuring the future of the assets at Tyra East, Tyra West and satellite gas fields and a route for the export of DUC gas to Denmark and the Netherlands. Each strategy identified existing facilities to be decommissioned, additional installations and equipment required, changes to the subsea pipeline network, as well as the capital expenditure required and expected schedule.


  • We were initially given one Strategy for which to deliver a “Decision Support Package” but this was quickly expanded to a total of six and the total schedule time expanded from two to six months work. This showed the ability to analyse the Client’s various future strategies in a short period of time aided the decision making for the way forward for the future of the Tyra facilities.
  • We were able to bring together personnel with the necessary experience in offshore process, pipelines, decommissioning/commissioning and estimating and risk analysis to provide the Client with a comprehensible report to aid their decision making process.


  • A total of six strategies were reviewed with a Decision Support Package produced for each one which combined technical, economic and SWOT/Risk analysis in one comprehensive “Decision Support Package” document.
  • In addition a report was produced for a sub-strategy of one of the main strategies which reviewed an option of adding hydrocarbon dew pointing, with the associated cost estimate, to a new platform.
  • INTECSEA and WorleyParsons provided economic, including cost estimates, and technical analysis of the various concept strategies to aid the client’s future project decision making
  • The client provided very positive feedback on WorleyParsons efforts on this Project and was impressed by the effort demonstrated to understand and analyze their complex facilities and the number of future strategies under consideration.


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