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Case Study

Shagaya renewable energy project

This is the first phase of the ambitious Kuwait Government Master Plan to develop up to two GW of power capacity from renewable sources through 2030, in two subsequent development phases.

The Situation

The State of Kuwait plans to achieve 15% country-wide renewable energy production by 2030. KISR has proposed the Shagaya Renewable Energy Project as a means to contribute to achieving this goal starting with a Phase 1 facility consisting of CSP, PV and Wind, with the intent of demonstrating that these renewable energy technologies are viable in harsh desert environments.


Advisian is responsible for Owner's Engineering and Project Management Consultancy and Site Supervision services for the following projects: 50 MW CPS plant with molten salt energy storage (1200 MWHth), 10 MW PV plant, 10 MW wind farm, 132 kV transmission line, 11 kV/132 kV substation and common infrastructure.

Our overall scope covers project execution starting with contract negotiation technical support and continuing with engineering and design review, interface management, project management, site supervision and contract administration services through final acceptance of the respective projects. We will also provide support through the initial two-year warranty period phase of a six-year O&M period.


This is the first phase of an ambitious government master plan to develop 2 GW of power capacity from renewable sources by 2030 in this harsh and difficult project context and environment, a goal which may very well be exceeded with other developments at the Shagaya project site.

We are also assisting KISR with development of the next phases of the Shagaya Renewable Energy Project, consisting of larger CSP, PV and wind plants, to total approximately 1.8 GW of total power capacity.