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Case Study

Road Safety Technology

Speed cameras

Niche expertise in road safety technology is assisting the Victorian Government reduce road incidents

The road safety camera network consists of fixed and mobile cameras placed at carefully chosen locations throughout Victoria, using specialised technology to detect offences.To ensure that the road safety camera network operates continuously and provides consistently reliable incident data, all components within the enforcement network are subject to a systematic and rigorous testing, certification and maintenance regime. 

Advisian’s role 

Advisian has worked with the Department of Justice and its key road safety partners (VicRoads, Victoria Police, CityLink and other road agencies) since 2005 implementing road safety technology throughout Victoria. This has involved: 

Technology choice: 
  • Providing strategic procurement and delivery advice 

  • Development of tender documentation and evaluation plans  

  • Tender management; chairing evaluation teams and contract negotiations 

  • Risk assessments 

  • Point to point, fixed and mobile expertise

Project Delivery:
  • Program management and scheduling Contract/project management to budget or below 

  • Stakeholder consultation and management 

  • Specialist problem solving capabilities 

  • Testing & commissioning oversight to operational handover 

Systems Assurance: 
  • Independent reviewer/assessor 

  • Expert witness services 

  • Specialist systems integration capabilities

Operations & Maintenance:
  • Development of meaningful key performance metrics 

  • Streamlining departmental operational requirements 

  • Information security reviews

Future enforcement applications:
  • Development of new automated enforcement systems

  • Robust implementation strategies

  • Stakeholder consultation and management

Recent Projects

  • Hume Highway point-to-point systems assurance and reactivation 

  • CityLink Tunnels camera upgrade 

  • New and upgraded speed-red light intersection systems 

  • New highway instanteous speed systems: Peninsula Link, Geelong Road, Eastlink 

  • Testing services contracts 

  • Renegotiation of maintenance contracts


Advisian’s niche expertise in road safety camera systems has delivered tangible results for the Victorian Government across all aspects of the road safety camera infrastructure life cycle. We have:

  • Delivered projects on time and under budget 

  • Reduced capital and operational costs 

  • Provide assurance in the integrity and reliability of systems prior to activation 

  • Enabled a regime for continuous improvement in systems performance and reliabilty