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Case Study

Potential impacts of new energy in the Victorian energy landscape

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Understanding the New Energy technologies and their impacts, including potential changes to the electricity marketplace.


Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the safety regulator responsible for electrical and gas safety in Victoria, Australia. It oversees the design, construction and maintenance of electricity and gas infrastructure across the state, ensures home appliances meet safety and energy efficiency standards, and licenses the associated trades.

Increasing penetration of New Energy poses challenges to safety and existing regulatory frameworks. It also has the potential benefits of lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs and improved safety outcomes. 

ESV wanted to understand the New Energy technologies, their impacts, including potential changes to the electricity marketplace, and whether current regulations would still be relevant.


Advisian brought together a team of electricity industry, and New Energy, specialists to develop a foundation report for ESV. The foundation report defined and described the New Energy landscape, while a subsequent report investigated the impacts on safety, regulations and other issues due to the uptake of New Energy solutions.

Our analysis considered a range of case studies that covered a broad spectrum of New Energy solutions. We built on the specifications of each case study, many of which were pilot schemes, to draw out the implications for the electricity industry and provide ESV with an over-arching view of the New Energy landscape.

As a result of the reports, a range of safety and other issues were identified that could arise as the uptake of New Energy solutions accelerates. These issues will require industry and regulatory responses from a number of government agencies. 

Value delivered

Advisian was primarily chosen for this work due to our leadership in the area of New Energy, and ‘hands on’ experience in delivering New Energy solutions.

The reports have provided ESV with a holistic view of the New Energy landscape, to enable them to understand what impact the uptake of New Energy may mean in various scenarios. It will also help them to make informed decisions about what areas government and regulators alike will need to consider as New Energy solutions become more widespread in Australia.