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Case Study

PivotBuoy - an innovative mooring system platform

Single Point Mooring System Designs

PivotBuoy is an innovative mooring system platform for the offshore floating wind industry proposed by X1 Wind (Barcelona). This novel, single-point mooring system platform could significantly reduce the cost of floating offshore wind.

The challenge

X1 Wind has established a consortium to further develop the PivotBuoy concept and has received €4 million in EU funding under the Horizon 2020 program to deploy a prototype at a test site off the shores of the Canary Islands.

Once tested and proven, PivotBuoy could reduce platform weight by as much as 80%, and costs by 50%. Floating wind will be much more competitive, paving the way to a goal of spending only €50/MWh in commercial scale wind farms.

Our approach

PivotBuoyAs a member of the PivotBuoy consortium, Intecsea scope comprises:

  • Coordination of technical risk assessment: TRL assessment, FMECA, HAZID / HAZOP
  • Contribution to design development with focus on:
    • Offshore environment
    • Fabrication / construction

Intecsea’s asset integrity, floating system, and renewables capabilities support the development of safer, more efficient, and cost-effective designs for the offshore wind industry.