Case Study

Pipeline Research Council International Software

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This project aims at upgrading the industry standard PRCI software for pipeline stability. The upgrade includes modernisation of the user interface and additional technical features and bug fixes.

The Challenge

The project requires understanding of the state-of-the-art stability analysis of subsea pipelines and the client is utilising IntecSea’s extensive knowledge and experience to scope out and execute the required developments.

Our Approach

The original software source code was reviewed, and the bugs were fixed. This was necessary to capture the full details of the methodology implemented in the software, which were not documented completely.

  • A new user interface was designed and implemented.
  • New features were defined, researched and added to the software. These included extensive CFD simulation of the hydrodynamic loads on small diameter pipes.
  • Extensive validation effort was performed. 

A small team of highly skilled analysts executed the work with programming support from Indian office and external contractors. This reduced the cost of the project execution whilst ensuring efficiency.


The new version of the software is expected to be released by Q1 of 2019.

Pipeline Research Council International software