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Case Study

New Grafton Correctional Facility

Exterior view of prison building

Building on previous knowledge to appraise the legal, commercial, strategic and operational issues likely to be encountered.  

The Situation

Grafton Prison in New South Wales (NSW) required an additional 600 beds, which are to be delivered through a new correctional facility as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). To assist with the facilitation of the procurement process for the facility, the NSW Department of Justice required a Transaction Manager. The role required a Transaction Management team with a detailed understanding of the nuances of an outcome-based PPP for corrective services in NSW. 

Input from numerous stakeholders across Local and State Government organisations was required for the development. This input needed to be identified and used to develop and execute an agreement which achieves the NSW Government’s outcomes for the new facility while ensuring appropriate and contestable risk transfer  


Building on previous knowledge of similar roles in the corrective services sector, and taking a lessons learned approach, Advisian appraised the legal, commercial, strategic and operational issues likely to be encountered by Infrastructure NSW and developed solutions that enabled the NSW Government to act as steward over a service provider who’s incentivised to deliver and exceed upon corrective services system outcomes.  

The services provided to Infrastructure NSW include:

  • Development of initial organisational and governance arrangements

  • Development of a procurement strategy

  • Tender documentation development and co-ordination 

  • Transaction management and co-ordination

  • Schedule management and optimisation