Case Study

Meeting new regulations for lower emissions – SO2 utilisation project

Guiding a metals company to meet emissions standards for their large-scale copper smelter operations.

The situation

Norilsk Nickel’s copper smelters (among the largest in the world) generate over 4,000 tonnes per day of sulphur dioxide of which a substantial portion is routinely emitted to the atmosphere. New solutions were needed to meet stringent emission standards, yet were difficult to achieve given the large equipment scale and indoor space constraints typical of arctic locations. 

Our approach

The Advisian Sulphur Solutions team met the challenge through research and innovation, culminating the patented SO2 Reduction (WP-SRS®) process. The WP-SRS® process economically converts SO2 to a saleable elemental Sulphur product. After rigorous comparison of alternatives, Norilslk selected the WP-SRS® process for a 1,100 tonnes per day Sulphur production facility.

The results 

  • Meeting new regulations for lower emissions 
  • The client benefited from our unmatched knowledge and expertise and received a new differentiated process which we patented