Case Study

Equipment maintenance strategies

Most maintenance programmes are built from original equipment manufacturer manuals – now, even they are discovering their flaws.

The Challenge

The client asked Advisian to assist in reviewing and re-defining their work programmes for their gas turbines to ensure that each task was sensible, defensible and occurred at the appropriate interval.

Our Approach

The analysis examined possibilities to make design changes to facilitate better maintenance. The client's business model for industrial turbine packages was redefined by moving to long term service agreements (LTSAs) where they now pay for the cost of maintenance 

Our involvement helped to deliver a valuable reduction in the maintenance programme, and a new approach to control and protection philosophy, allowing the client to de-tune overly sensitive instrumentation to provide the end-user with alarms as opposed to trips.


  • 56% reduction in maintenance labour costs for 8,000 running hour interventions
  • Availability improvements of at least 1.5 days per year per gas turbine from planned maintenance alone
  • A reduction in control and instrumentation engineering resources of around 60%