Case Study

ENI Coral South Development

ENI Coral South Development

ENI’s Owner Engineer of the Competitive FEED of the FLNG Subsea Risers and Flowlines along with the subsea structures. The FLNG Vessel is a turret moored double-hull floating facility located in a water depth in excess of 2000m, on which gas receiving, processing (treating, separation and liquefaction), storage and offloading equipment will be mounted.

The Challenge

ENI’s biggest challenge was to manage the competitive FEED among three contractors. Additionally, there was a separate contract for SPS which needed to be technically managed to fit in and be consistent with the FEED Contractors scope and design. Intecsea, on behalf of ENI, was responsible for the technical assurance of the FEED contractors engineering, the schedule feasibility, and the confidential execution of the work in accordance with ENI requirements and scope of work. Additionally, “marrying” the SPS contractors to the FEED Contractor’s scope while maintaining confidentiality was a major challenge. This trickled down into sifting through all equipment and material making sure it works as expected with the FEED contractor’s design.

Our Approach

  • Mobilisation into customer’s premises and into FEED Contractor’s offices
  • Drive the FEED CONTRACTOR to achieve the FEED main targets (time and costs).
  • Ensure correctness and quality of documentation produced by FEED Contractor.
  • Commenting documentation produced by FEED Contractors.
  • Ensure FEED documentation compliance with applicable ENI and International standards.
  • Ensure that design competition among FEED Contractors will be performed in a fair mode, with the proper level of confidentiality.
  • Be the interface between the FEED Contractor and SPS VENDORS by answering technical queries, approving deviations, etc.
  • Review, Support, and verify the SURF installation engineering developed by FEED Contractors.
  • Ensure the system flow-assurance and identify FEED Contractor requirements
  • Undertake HAZID/HAZOP for all SURF related installations and activities with each of the FEED Contractors
  • Assist in producing all subsea tender packages
  • Technical tender support during the bid stage, managing clarifications and assisting with all qualification meetings

ENI Coral South Development

The Results

  • Defined Robust solutions for the Diurnal Swing of Temperature and Pressure.
  • Implemented an improved installation Schedule to the contractors to decrease risk of schedule slippage.
  • Followed-up and Approved Technical Validation Plans for usage of a new installation vessel
  • Ensured robustness of design and consistency among all contractors and all disciplines. (topsides/navel/structural/subsea) to withstand the severe environmental loadings expected in the Mozambique area. Alignment of the design pressure philosophy among all contractors for a unified approach.