Case Study

Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension

Aerial view of Eden Wharf terminal

Advisian produced an innovative design to maximise uses and berth utilisation within budget expectations for the Port of Eden, an active working port in Eden Harbour, one of the few natural deep-water harbours along the state coastline of New South Wales (NSW), Australia.


Eden Harbour is one of the few natural deep-water harbours along the state coastline of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The Port of Eden, an active working port, has seen a surge in activity over the past few years, being both a premier location for whale watching and an increasingly popular cruise destination. However, the port couldn’t accommodate larger vessels, so when cruise ships made a stop in Eden they would have to anchor offshore and tender passengers ashore, deterring some cruise lines. In addition, tendering people to shore in rough weather conditions is hazardous and usually cancelled, meaning the benefits of cruise passengers to the region’s economy weren’t being realised.

Client challenge

At only 100m in length and with limited water depth, the breakwater berth would need significant works carried out to accommodate larger ships, allowing them to dock safely and eliminate the need for passenger transfers via tender. The Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension Project sought options to extend the wharf, allowing for the berthing and mooring of cruise ships up to 325m length overall, and potentially larger vessels in future. In addition, the wharf extension would allow cruise ships to dock at the port in most weather conditions, resulting in improved access and safety. At an estimated construction cost of AUD50 million, the project, jointly funded by state, federal and local governments, would be delivered by the NSW Department of Industry. The Department required qualified and experienced consultants who could successfully help them deliver the project on time and budget.

Our solution

Advisian produced an innovative design to maximise uses and berth utilisation within budget expectations. The final design included a new wharf extension, breasting dolphins, mooring dolphins, dredged basin, existing wharf modifications, navigation aids and onshore services to accommodate cruise liners and other vessels up to 325m. The project required harbour deepening (dredging) and construction of the wharf extension. These were implemented as two separate contract packages.

Stage 1 (the dredging contract) involved over 200,000 cubic metres of dredged materials including rock. Part of this work included the installation of 4,000 square metres of scour protection mattress placed on the seabed to protect it and adjacent structures from the powerful action of ship and tug propellers. Stage 2 (the marine structures scope) included the construction of a new 103m wharf, two berthing dolphins, three mooring dolphins, on-shore bollards and a heavy lift platform.

Specifically, Advisian’s scope included:

  • Overall project management of the Eden Port Development Project through the establishment, construction and commissioning phases
  • Public/stakeholder consultation and basis of design documentation (including public workshop and liaison with key user groups)
  • Conceptual and detailed design documentation
  • Construction market assessments and cost estimating
  • Statutory planning services including State Significant Infrastructure, Sea Dumping Permit and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Current data collection and water quality modelling
  • Navigation simulations (Smartship, full mission bridge, Brisbane)
  • Safety, risk and value management
  • GC 21 tender documentation of two separate construction packages
  • Procurement and tender phase services
  • Oversight of Contractor’s work, health and safety, environmental and quality controls
  • Administration of construction contracts including ongoing technical advice throughout construction.

Advisian’s performance significantly exceeded expectations and I would not hesitate to engage them again in the future.

Value delivered

Advisian was able to provide an experienced team with an intimate understanding of this complex project. The client and community needed a berth that could handle vessels up to 325m in length, including non-cruise ships to ensure a future-proofed facility. Accordingly, the design was not focused on predicting the future, but ensuring the solution was sufficiently robust to accommodate the demands in shipping well into the future.

Some of the more unique design elements of the project included

  • Conceptual designs which considered the dredging of rock and subsequently positioning the berth to avoid as much rock dredging as possible
  • Optimised positioning of the berth alignment to avoid extensive shoring works to the existing wharf and breakwater structures, as well as providing the maximum utilisation of the berth for longer vessels
  • The use of specialised dynamic mooring software to model vessel behaviour under swell waves, wind and currents, and to quantify the semi-protected berth operational limits and utilization
  • Scour-prevention provisions to protect the new and existing wharf and breakwater structures from undermining caused by ship propellers and tug activities
  • The creation of full three-dimensional visualisations of the final design.

Client testimonial

Andrew Dooley, Senior Project Manager said that "Advisian’s performance significantly exceeded expectations and I would not hesitate to engage them again in the future. I am especially grateful for Advisian’s:

  • Professionalism and commitment to delivering a positive outcome
  • Collaborative and cooperative attitude
  • Ability to coordinate its own various service lines which resulted in a streamlined, low maintenance and integrated approach to project delivery
  • Significant contribution to the overall success of the project and performance against key performance indicators.

Additionally, feedback received from the construction contractors has also been positive in relation to Advisian’s performance. Senior management from both contractors have labelled the project as one of the best they have worked on in terms of the contractor/client relationship and have attributed the success of their respective contracts to the stewardship provided by the Advisian team.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Advisian on this project and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”