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Case Study

Driving insights into the petcoke industry

Lump of petroleum coke

A comprehensive analysis of the petcoke market over the next two decades prepared our client with a complete understanding of the influencing factors and issues to manage their operations, and identify opportunities.

The situation

Our client’s objective was was a clear line of sight on how the petcoke market will behave in the next two decades.

Our approach

We focused on petcoke supply and demand for the period 2018–2040, including a higher-level analysis of petcoke fundamentals, supply-demand balances, and influencing factors; key demand centers and end-use markets for fuel-grade petcoke; trade flows; a geographical breakdown of the industry; and freight and logistics for petcoke. 

The results

Our findings helped our client to formulate a view of how potential supply and demand changes and freight/logistics might affect or influence petcoke market dynamics to manage their operations, and identify opportunities.