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Case Study

Cold Lake water cross exchanger program

Project objective: Replace three cross exchanger modules at three separate processing plants with no plant downtime.

 Our Approach

  • Designed all three modules as self-contained skids for shop fabrication vs. traditional stickbuild in plant. Approximately 80% of each module was fabricated in shop, limited by height/width restrictions in each plant
  • Maximized operator ergonomics by involving Operations staff in 3D model reviews for each module. Only two weld adjustments required on-site from a total of 7,500 weld inches as a result of using 3D modeling.
  • Three-day labor reduction by using Jack & Roll vs. 1100T crane, demolishing old modules in place, and disposing at district landfill

Key Achievements

CA$1.5 million savings in design and labor costs across this project.