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A timely solution to one organization's problem timesheets

A timely solution to one organization’s problem timesheets

Saving time and money by making timesheet submission and reporting easy.

Did you know, people in professional services can spend up to 30 minutes a week submitting their timesheet? For companies of 50,000 employees or more, this represents a staggering 1.3 million hours of lost productivity per year.

For one oil and gas company, this was all too real. With a growing team of over 300 employees, spread over multiple locations and disciplines, they were struggling to keep on top of their timesheet submissions and approvals. What’s more, time reporting and analysis was almost non-existent.

The organization looked to uTime, Advisian Digital’s time management system, to make timesheet submissions and approval easier and quicker.

"Thanks to uTime’s reporting functionality, the organization can graphically visualize their project progress (actual versus budget) and get critical information, fast."

Implementation in weeks, not months

Being cloud-based makes uTime easy to set up. Though to quickly create a tailored solution for the organization, we needed to understand how they worked. Our team ran planning sessions with the organization to map out their current timesheet workflow and employee structure, and identify what needed to be improved for uTime to add any value to their business. With a solid plan in place, we had uTime up and running for the organization in a matter of weeks. Onsite training and mentoring were also provided to ensure a good overall fit.

Smart notifications making weekly timesheets simple

Making timesheet submissions and approvals simple was important to the organization. Smart notifications reminded people to submit their timesheet each week and uTime’s flexibility allowed for them to submit their timesheet anywhere, on any device, from any platform. If someone has a timesheet identical to the previous week, uTime allows them to submit their timesheet at the click of a button. 

Making information available to everyone

A timesheet dashboard was configured for the organization to give their clients direct access to the system to approve project hours, helping them invoice faster and in a more transparent way.

The dashboard also highlights outstanding timesheet submissions and approvals. uTime simplifies the allocation of rates and overtime by interpreting contracts to ensure labor compliance.

Flexible, fast and mobile reporting

Thanks to uTime’s reporting functionality, the organization can graphically visualize their project progress (actual versus budget) and get critical information, fast. The organization can also view the geographical location of data so they can meet government location requirements. Using uTime’s data batching functionality, it’s easier than ever for the organization to support payroll and project invoicing.

Bringing employees closer to home

One of uTime’s most unique features is its ability to support diverse teams in multiple locations. The organization can now see exact figures for billable hours and monitor who’s working what hours per week, period, shift or rotation. Client teams and representatives can also review and approve timesheets, and quickly identify trends using team dashboard tiles.

A subscription model as easy as Netflix

At AUD$14 per user, per month, uTime's pricing is simple and transparent.


To discuss how uTime can help your business, contact Daryl Cameron.