Advisian SysCAD

Advisian has a well-developed set of tools and libraries to enhance and streamline process simulation of alumina refineries.

These tools, plus a ‘critical mass’ of process simulation workload, enable us to provide value to the clients in a robust and cost-effective manner.

These tools and libraries include capabilities for:

  • Greenfield refinery design and optimisation, with linkages to capital cost and OPEX modules for NPV optimisation

  • Operating refinery as-built modelling and calibration

  • Water balance

  • Sankey diagrams

  • Rapid evaluation of impact of proposed modifications on overall refinery balance

  • Develop sensitivities matrix to enable day-to-day monitoring of financial impact of process deviations

  • Brownfield expansion design and optimisation

  • Monte Carlo simulation for risk analysis and risk management

  • Bauxite composition and reaction chemistry

  • Impurity balance chemistry and reaction kinetics

The combined effect of the above is the ability to adopt numerous variations of the process flowsheet model in a much faster, representative and reproducible manner.

We offer process simulation services on a per-task basis or as an ongoing service. In the latter case, we provide a full management service, including model documentation, change control, software updates, annual recalibration and annual production planning. The client retains full access to the model files.