Light Metals

Bauxite mine

The broad project experience and operating background of our consultants inform our deep understanding of the light metals sector and practical approach to problem solving.

Bauxite and Alumina

Advisian is a global leader in alumina refining process design and optimisation, with the most recent relevant know-how and experience in brownfield and greenfield alumina refinery developments. We are the only full-service, independent provider of complete alumina refinery design.

For existing alumina refineries, Advisian provides the most comprehensive service offering for technical and operational support. We deliver solutions that unlock value potential whether they involve process optimisation, improvements in process design, operational excellence or asset management.

Our services to the bauxite and alumina industry encompass all aspects of modern refinery operations including:


Advisian is recognised as one of the aluminium smelting industry’s technical strongholds. We have built specialist capabilities and experience by providing operations and maintenance services, plant upgrade projects, and new asset design to clients over many years.

Our expertise is evident through our front-end studies, major projects, multiple operating alliances and specialist services. Our team’s strong working knowledge of aluminium operating assets, plant layout, and detail design capability has been gained by working on 4,000+ aluminium projects globally. This allows us to offer clients tailored solutions that mitigate project and performance risks to meet their business objectives.

Our extensive range of specialised services to major aluminium smelting plants worldwide, include:

We provide these services across the following plant areas:

  • Reduction

  • Raw materials handling

  • Casthouse

  • Carbon including anode, rodding, bakes and recycling

  • Automation and control systems

  • Switchyard/power supply systems

  • Busbar and reduction cell technology development