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Carbon risk management for ammonia

The ammonia sector is set for rapid transformation, as the world switches to fuels and chemicals produced in a sustainable way. With the Advisian Carbon Risk Index Service (ACRIS), ammonia producers can position to succeed in a tomorrow that doesn’t look like today.

The carbon risks facing the ammonia sector are constantly changing. To stay competitive, adapt, and capitalize on the opportunities presented by growing demand from more industries, ammonia producers need to react to countless variables that will determine their success in a decarbonizing world.

ACRIS condenses these dynamic variables into a simple score. It’s based on a multi-variable risk model, displaying the risk profile of ammonia facilities using five key risk areas: carbon intensity of operations, regional geopolitical context, regulations and climate ambitions, market trends, and climate change.

You can use the ACRIS score to identify, manage, and disclose your climate and transition risks.

ACRIS also includes hydrogen pricing and CO2 abatement curve models that you can adjust through interactive dashboards, to help you calculate the price of hydrogen for business modelling and scenarios.

Tomorrow’s ammonia sector doesn’t look like today. Plan your success at every stage of the energy transition with ACRIS.

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