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Hydrogen Developments in Germany


This analyst note forms one in a series of reporting on government launched energy transition initiatives. These are not drafted to include any form of political opinion, or bias, and as such represent a clear reporting of the facts known at the time of publication. Any suggestion of political leanings in unintentional.

In June 2020 the German government published its National Hydrogen Strategy, and then in April 2021, released a list of 62 hydrogen-based projects which would receive billions of euros in support. 

This strategy, list and information around the activities in Germany provide a strong indication that as a country it not only wants to be at the heart of the growing hydrogen industry, reaping economic and jobs growth from it, but is also looking to kickstart deep innovation right along the value chain.

This analyst note documents what we know about hydrogen in Germany in 2021 and provides an analysis on what this implies for hydrogen, trade relationships, and innovation. 

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