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Making a splash at Subsea Expo in Aberdeen

19 March 2019

There was a real buzz on the Advisian stand at the recent Subsea Expo conference in Aberdeen, the largest subsea event in the world. The team used the high-profile event to announce the integration of the Ingen and PI companies into Advisian, establishing a strong presence for our business in Aberdeen. The reputations and expertise of the Ingen and PI companies are now significantly enhanced by joining Advisian, and the company and its global reach were introduced to both established and potential new clients at the forum, which attracted over 6500 visitors.

Lee Thomas from INTECSEA gave a presentation titled ‘OGTC – Pseudo Dry Gas: West of Shetland Gathering System for stranded pools’. This was an update of an ongoing study to consider the economic impact of applying innovative Pseudo Gas technology to stranded gas fields to the North of Shetland Islands making a gas gathering corridor stretching 200km and 1.7km deep. Lee indicated that the results are very positive and could have far reaching implications for oil and gas companies as the case for the innovative technology strengthens.

The team also used the opportunity to promote various Advisian offerings including RAVE Field Development, Subsea Tie-Back Machine, Forecaster and Product Asset Value Enhancement (PAVE). These offerings attracted plenty of interest from delegates from as far afield as Africa and South America.

Wayne Strachan, Managing Consultant – Brownfields, said “We are excited to celebrate Ingen and PI joining the WorleyParsons Group and becoming part of Advisian. I’m very pleased and impressed with the level of interest this has already created in the market. My thanks go to everyone in the team who enthusiastically prepared and participated at Subsea Expo and helped to promote this exciting new chapter for Advisian and the WorleyParsons Group.”