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Fostering innovation in the energy sector

20 February 2018

Australia faces a number of challenges as we transition to the new energy future; greater supply volatility, rising costs, tighter regulations and the uncertainty of how new energy technologies will affect the industry. To ensure a sustainable electricity network of the future, there needs to be a greater understanding of the innovative, safe and reliable solutions available. For this to be achieved, industry professionals and future graduates need to be armed with the knowledge and tools to be active players in the energy transformation.

"Advisian is proud to be supporting our clients, and the wider energy sector, to respond to the rapidly changing market needs, and to develop innovative solutions together to transition to the new energy future." stated Matthew Robinson, APAC Energy Sector Lead. "To be one of the founding partners of Monash University’s Grid Innovation Hub is an honour."

The three-year program was set up to foster a collaborative industry partnership approach towards a secure, affordable, smart, reliable and environmentally responsible energy sector. As one of the hub partners, Advisian will work to address critical challenges through thought leadership, innovative research, education and industry training programs.

Read more on the program here: New Futuristic Testing Ground for Energy Sector

Read more on our latest thinking in New Energy.

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