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Advisian wins asset management and digital consultancy work with Goldwind Tianrun

26 November 2018

Beijing Tianrun New Energy Investment Company (Tianrun) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer – GoldWind. They’re committed to establishing a platform for technologies, engineering, production, sales, and operations for the wind power industry, and to become the world’s leading innovative and integrative service provider for clean energy.

Years of collaboration with companies like IBM has seen Tianrun make considerable progress digitizing their operational platform for managing 4.6GW of wind power assets. However, Tianrun needs to improve their asset management process and platform to cope with the challenges ahead. These include:

  • The expectation that Tianrun will operate more than 10GW (installed capacity) of wind power assets by 2020.

  • The potential for Tianrun to expand their business in wind asset management for other third-party clients in China and overseas.

  • Addressing identified gaps between their current operational platform and desired platform, including international best practice.

  • Changing regulations towards the energy spot market in China which also brings new challenges to wind power generation companies.

Tianrun sought a partner to help them adapt their business to these challenges, as well as improve their operational efficiency.

As the independent consulting business line of the WorleyParsons Group, Advisian was engaged to support Tianrun through an Asset Management and Digital Consultancy service agreement. With extensive wind power engineering, delivery, asset operation and management experience, coupled with Advisian Digital’s digitization capabilities, we’ll support them to enhance their wind asset management efficiency and improve their current digital platform of operations.

We conducted a three-day workshop in Beijing (8-10 November 2018) with Tianrun’s management and technical team, facilitated by Australian asset management, electricity transaction and wind power operation experts. Current challenges and opportunities were identified, with high-level improvement initiatives agreed upon which will need to be implemented to achieve Tianrun’s desired results.

Advisian and Goldwind team  

(From left to right): Mr. Brendan Ryan, Contracts Manager, TWPS; Ms. Yan Yang, Director, Advisian China; Mr. Jiang Hu, Vice President, GoldWind Tianrun; Mr. Denis Marshment, Advisian Digital

Goldwind and Tianrun team

Asset Management and Digital Workshop at GoldWind Tianrun, 8-10 Nov 2018

For more information, please contact Dr. Yan Yang.

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