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Water Sourcing and Treatment

Water Sourcing and Treatment

Advisian provides strategic solutions and technical innovations to address water sourcing challenges around the world for clients in the hydrocarbon, infrastructure, energy, chemicals and mining & metals industries.

Clients today face growing pressures in water management throughout the water lifecycle from sourcing to treatment to safe disposal including re-use.   

In the context of increasing competition for water and other natural resources, Advisian’s team of water experts support our clients to locate water sources to support their development and providing advisory services related to efficiencies in water use throughout their facility.

Advisian’s experts in surface and ground water resources provide strategic assessment of water sources and the regulatory support needed to gain approval for water licensing. Through collaboration with IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, Advisian developed guidance documents that allow our clients to navigate the challenges of water sourcing  and efficiency in water use  throughout the process.

Throughout the water cycle, our clients face growing pressures to increase efficiencies in natural resource use and innovative ways to make every drop of water go further. Advisian provides strategic services to understand our client’s water balance across the entire development and the treatment required for strategic reuse of effluents and produced water streams to address compatibilities that may exist in water quality with process needs. 

Advisian understands scarcity of global water resources and the need to drive efficiencies into all water processes. Whatever the source, Advisian’s treatment specialist can deliver innovative and cost effective solutions that lead to reduced natural water diversions, and in turn to, savings for our clients and better outcomes for the environment. 

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