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Groundwater Sustainability

Groundwater Sustainability

With over 25 years of experience working in groundwater basins, Advisian is a leader in hydrogeologic analysis and technical support services, enabling us to help our clients develop sustainable solutions for the restoration and protection of their groundwater resources.

Key to developing a sustainable groundwater management plan is having a complete understanding of the unique physical and chemical characteristics of each groundwater basin and sub-basins, and how these characteristics either present opportunities for additional groundwater development or pose limitations to further development.

The Advisian team is unique in its comprehensive expertise across a wide spectrum of complex groundwater issues and challenges facing stakeholders in this time of uncertainty. With our experienced and integrated team of hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, and specialists, Advisian has consistently added value to our clients’ businesses and bottom line by helping them to gain a complete understanding of their basin characteristics and develop sustainable solutions designed to restore and protect their valuable groundwater resources.

These five steps constitute a comprehensive pathway to developing a successful groundwater sustainability plan.

5 Essential Steps to Develop a Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Basin Setting

  • Develop hydrogeological conceptual model
  • Assess groundwater resource, quality, and contamination
  • Evaluate groundwater budget and analyze basin sustainable yield

Sustainable Management Criteria

  • Identify sustainability indicators
  • Set sustainability goals
  • Define undesirable results
  • Determine thresholds
  • Specify measurable objectives


  • Measure and monitor sustainability indicators against thresholds
  • Establish and monitor a network of wells and other monitoring stations

Management Actions

  • Customize management response to monitoring results and threshold exceedances

Submit GSP for Evaluation and Approval

  • Perform stakeholder review and integrate modifications on draft GSP
  • Finalize GSP for submission, evaluation, and approval
Groundwater Sustainability Plan
The path to a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (download your copy below)

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