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What we do

End of Life

End of Life

Advisian delivers a comprehensive range of water management services to clients in the hydrocarbons, mining, infrastructure, chemicals, and power sectors facing final closure and reclamation of their facilities.

Clients today face growing challenges defining how their facilities will be closed and reclaimed at the end of their facility lifecycle.  Advisian provides a full suite of services for decommissioning and restoration at facility closure and upfront planning and regulatory approvals for reclamations strategies at project inception.

One of the many challenges facing facility owners and operators today is what will become of their facility and the landscape around it when the facility reaches its end of life. This is especially important from an environmental perspective surrounding groundwater and surface water quality and quantity.

Advisian delivers a comprehensive range of water management consultancy services to clients across the hydrocarbons, minerals and mining, energy, chemicals, and infrastructure sectors specific to the analysis and design of post-closure landscapes that will meet regulatory approval.

Our team of water consultants understand the pressures acting on clients during closure, and specifically the need to reduce and eliminate long-term liability and risk. Our comprehensive strategies support our clients through this regulatory process, evaluating and removing risks related to dam structures, designing the reclaimed landscape, and understanding the interaction and quality of water through modeling processes that illustrate and support the post-closure design.

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