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What we do

Advisory and Regulatory

Water Management

Strategic solutions and technical innovations to address water challenges around the world for clients in the hydrocarbons, infrastructure, energy, chemicals, and mining & metals industries.

Clients today face growing pressures in water management throughout the water lifecycle from sourcing to treatment to safe disposal, including re-use. 

Advisian can help clients navigate the regulatory challenges they face in sourcing water for their developments, understand the treatment and reuse needs to promote efficiency in water use during their project’s lifecycle, and proper and environmentally sound discharge at project closure.

In the regulatory context, the drive for water efficiency and reduction in overall pollutants to the environment requires and increased understanding of the complex chemical processes that take place in our client’s facilities and the environmental receptors with which the process discharges interact. Advisian’s team of regulatory and technical specialists can assist in understanding this process from project inception to closure and streamline regulatory approvals and permitting.

The world around us is always evolving: We, too, must evolve to understand how our projects may impact the environment and fit harmoniously within the world around us. In the face of climate change uncertainty, Advisian can provide the expertise and vision to create sustainable solutions for water management. Our services in strategy, management, engineering and technical consulting enable our clients to make informed investment decisions. 

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