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Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Our Safety & Risk consultants have a deep understanding of process safety and risk management issues, and a long history of working with both industry and regulators.

We provide technical and engineering analysis and assessment, as well as safety management and safety case skills to clients in complex and high-risk industries. Our strategic studies support option decisions for new facilities, through to detailed engineering and operational scopes. When safety is built in it minimises risks for the entire asset lifecycle.

Safety studies

We offer facilitation and leadership in safety studies, such as HAZOP, CHAZOP, HAZID, LOPA and SIL, ALARP and Emergency Response Assessment. Our range of specialist engineering tools includes fire, explosion, dispersion and toxic modelling. We have extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative risk assessments, for wide-ranging applications including pipeline, project, reliability and transport risks.

Fire detection and protection

Our fire engineering team has a proven track record of delivering the most cost-effective fire detection and protection systems to our clients. This enables optimal use of capital on project or operational sites. We support small, targeted review scopes through to major projects. Our consultants provide optimum engineering and system solutions on time and on budget.

Services include:


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