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Asset Maintenance and Reliability

Inside chemical plant

Advisian provides a broad range of services in asset maintenance and reliability, creating significant value across all industrial sectors.

We leverage experienced technical and management consultants who often see issues that are interrelated, including both asset and human performance gaps. These issues can manifest themselves in several areas including high levels of downtime, unpredictable losses, nuisance assets or bad actors, work process and procedures that are sub-optimized, high support costs, inadequate employee skills and training, and limited performance tracking and management. Our initial analysis phase focusing on the target area identifies the key levers required for improvement, allowing for a holistic solution that addresses all deficiency areas. 

Our in-depth technical knowledge of asset design along with our deep commercial, management consulting, and change management experience enables us to see the issues holistically, firmly linking asset capability with organizational performance.

We partner with our clients on delivering value, including downtime reduction, enabling throughput capability and cost optimization. This is driven by several focus areas, often including improved, proactive reliability and asset integrity practices, data analysis and management, bad actor assets, work process and procedure optimization (including work planning and scheduling), contractor usage, and organizational development and integration, including personal skills development.

Our services include:

  • In-depth analysis of downtime and cost target areas with a prioritized, quantified business case for improvement
  • Historical production asset downtime tracking, root cause analysis, and bad actor identification
  • Preventive and predictive reliability practices and asset integrity capabilities
  • Work process/procedure design and improvement
  • Integrated planning and scheduling
  • Shutdown planning and execution
  • Cost tracking and optimization
  • Vendor and contractor management
  • Management systems and communications including routine short interval controls
  • Organizational design, people skills, training, and performance management

...All supported by our technical depth in asset inspections and asset integrity capabilities.

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