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Subsea Structural Engineering

Subsea Structural Engineering

Intecsea has emerged as the industry leader in subsea systems. We have been instrumental in helping the offshore industry recognize the value in moving to more modular subsea system configurations.

Intecsea’s subsea structural engineering team has a proven track record of providing frontier projects through contract and execution planning, coordination, engineering, interface, and offshore execution throughout the lifecycle of the project. This ensures a seamless transition from design through commissioning.

Our engineering teams have been involved in some of the most challenging and record setting projects in the world, with expertise in: structural and piping detailed engineering design, advanced finite element analysis, fabricator contracting, planning and implementation, fabricator systems and capabilities, fabricators engineering and management, fabricator bidding strategies, welding and AUT systems and capabilities, and offshore construction risks.

Project scope and type include:

  • Total field developments
  • Pipeline installations
  • Large diameter export pipelines
  • Conventional flowlines
  • Pipe in Pipe systems
  • Wet insulated pipelines
  • Flexible pipe
  • Offshore arctic pipelines
  • Subsea structures
  • System operating manuals
  • Umbilicals
  • Flying leads

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