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What we do

Project Management Consultancy

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Our engineers are experienced in delivery of all engineering requirements to implement the full SURF equipment including start-up and commissioning. Because we have the practical knowledge to successfully implement all subsea projects from shallow to ultra-deep water, Intecsea’s insight also delivers excellence for Front End Engineering services.

Front End Engineering Services:

  • economics and cost evaluations
  • etermining Return on Investment and Net Present Value
  • Concept Selection
  • Predevelopment Planning
  • Pre-FEED
  • FEED and Detail Engineering

Also, because we execute major and small projects complete through commissioning, we are ideally capable to decommission any subsea field.

  • Flow Assurance
  • Structures
  • Risers – Flexible, SCR, Hybrid
  • Subsea Trees
  • Systems, Umbilicals and Controls
  • Geotech – from Geohazards to foundations
  • Geophysical
  • Subsea Processing, Pumping and Compression
  • Valves, Flow Metering, Distribution, Connectors/Hubs & Jumpers
  • Materials
  • Geomatics and CAD
  • Advance Analysis

In addition to these traditional services, Intecsea provides PMC Contracting services, Governmental assistance in developing regulations, local content law guidance, infrastructure needs based on offshore development requirements, individual secondments of key personnel and other services.

Subsea structural engineering

Intecsea provides structural design services for manifold, pipeline end terminations, tie ins, and auxiliary structural support equipment.

Intecsea’s subsea structural engineering team has a proven track record of providing frontier projects through contract and execution planning, coordination, engineering, interface, and offshore execution throughout the lifecycle of the project. This ensures a seamless transition from design through commissioning.

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Subsea Structural Engineering
Subsea structural engineering

Subsea production systems

Intecsea has emerged as the industry leader in subsea systems. We have been instrumental in helping the offshore industry recognize the value in moving to more modular subsea system configurations. Through multiple subsea deepwater project applications, we have validated and proven that these optimized configurations increase flexibility and reduce risk.

The Intecsea subsea production systems engineering group is one of the largest teams of dedicated deepwater specialists in the industry, and has established itself as a premier service provider of subsea technology for water depths of 2,800m and beyond .

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Subsea production systems
Subsea production systems

Subsea systems engineering

Intecsea works with you to provide the right system, at the right time, for the right reasons. We help our clients confidently make decisions by executing engineering with the most efficient processes and most effective tools within our global organization.

We have a long history of delivering systems expertise to the oil and gas industry. Being independent of hardware suppliers and installation contractors allows us to provide innovative and freethinking engineering solutions to our customers.

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Subsea systems engineering
Subsea systems engineering

Flow Assurance

Flow assurance encompasses the thermal-hydraulic design and assessment of multiphase production/transport systems as well as the prediction, prevention, and remediation of flow stoppages due to solids deposition.

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Flow Assurance
Flow Assurance

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