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Water Resources

water resources

Competing demands for limited available water resources and uncertainties associated with climate change means the provision of water security and flood resilience is an ever-increasing challenge faced by our clients.

Advisian’s hydrology and hydrogeology consultants have the expertise needed to help clients make accurate, reliable, and informed water resources decisions that provide long-term water security to projects and communities, as well as a greater resilience to flood risk and uncertainties.  The service offering is underpinned by expert knowledge in engineering sciences, water valuation, risk management, stakeholder consultation, and integrated technical solutions. 

Our water resource specialists are supported by a multidisciplinary team comprised of civil engineers and designers, structural engineers, railway engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists, process engineers, water treatment and chemical engineers, project managers, risk managers, and safety specialists.

Our breadth of experience solving complex water resource problem for clients around the world allows us to provide clients with an integrated service that ranges from initial desktop studies, through to detailed design services and project management of water resource investigations.

Hydrology Services

  • Rainfall-runoff modelling, 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling
  • River diversions
  • Drainage design in urban and industrial environments
  • Highway, rail, airfield, and pipeline drainage designs
  • Environmental hydrology and surface water impacts assessments
  • Hydrology and hydraulic analysis and design for bridges, culverts, spillways, embankments, and channels
  • Urban, mine, and port flood management and planning
  • Flood studies and flood mapping
  • Real-time and predictive flood forecasting system design (see www.waterride.net)
  • Detailed design of flood protection measures
  • Flood risk assessments and mitigation planning
  • Surface water master planning and management
  • Water balance modeling
  • Dam break analysis
  • Mine closure studies

Hydrogeology Services

  • Groundwater investigation design and implementation
  • Hydro-geophysical programs for groundwater exploration
  • Groundwater resource assessments
  • Contractor engagement, management, and supervision
  • Borefield design, installation, and optimization
  • Dewatering system design
  • Managed aquifer recharge
  • Water balance modeling
  • Contaminated sites investigations
  • Mine closure studies
  • Groundwater flow and solute transport modeling
  • Geochemical analysis and modeling
  • Surface-groundwater interactions
  • Groundwater monitoring design and implementation
  • Hydrogeological compliance reporting
  • Environmental and groundwater impacts assessments
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystem assessment and management