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Environmental Management and Approvals


Delivering significant scheduling value and cost savings through our integrated approach to permitting and regulatory approvals.

Project site selection, development, operation, and decommissioning require strategic and efficient planning and implementation to keep schedules on time. Advisian combines the permitting and approvals processes with our engineering and construction delivery. This allows for early integration of requirements for project execution and the successful achievement of project milestones.

As an integrated environment and engineering company, our team is able to identify regulatory and permit requirements and addresses environmental concerns up front, reducing costly last-minute engineering design, construction, or operational change. We translate our understanding of the importance of completing the environmental assessment and regulatory processes in a timely and reliable manner into every project we deliver.

Our world-class integrated environmental and engineering / construction experience is proof that these critical deliverables are met in a technically defensible and complete manner.

Our team works closely with our clients to understand concerns of the asset/facility, regulators, and stakeholders to develop strategies for project success. We facilitate social considerations through our commitment to early engagement allowing the required permits to be in place and societal concerns to be addressed in the process.

Using our Sustainable Project Delivery model, we transition the permitting, approvals, and associated commitments into an implementation and operational strategy to help our clients achieve and maintain the social and regulatory license to operate.  

Specialist Capabilities

  • Constraints analysis
  • Regulatory strategy and planning
  • Regulatory roadmap
  • Integrated engineering and environmental expertise
  • Environmental Assessment (EA) project delivery
  • Mitigation, monitoring, and closure plans
  • Environmental and non-environmental permitting and approvals
  • Due diligence environmental compliance audits
  • Sustainable project delivery
  • Environmental and operational integrity management systems