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Environment and Society

Environmental Science

Advisian is a leading provider of environmental management and social performance services, providing clients with a strategic and complete approach to their interfaces with natural, physical, social, cultural, regulatory and built environments - wherever they choose to develop and operate assets

Managing environmental and social risks and opportunities

Regulatory requirements for project initiation, operation, and closure require integrated multi- disciplinary scientific and technical support. Advisian has a team of consultants made up of environmental, engineering, and social professionals who strive to bring success to our clients by enabling accurate, informed, and reliable decisions for successful project outcomes.

Our service offering supports clients from the initial design phase through to closure:

Society & Engagement:

  • Public, stakeholder, Aboriginal and community engagement
  • Stakeholder and Aboriginal engagement to support environmental, regulatory and permitting processes
  • Delivery of economic benefit and local content for Aboriginal and local communities
  • Social impact assessment, socioeconomic and ethnographic studies
  • Traditional knowledge and traditional use frameworks
  • Corporate social, Aboriginal, and sustainability strategy and integration into business practice

Permits, Approvals & Compliance:

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Health impact assessment
  • Early work permits
  • Construction and operations permits
  • Regulatory expertise and liaison
  • Approvals, approval renewals and amendments
  • Land and marine use plans
  • Due diligence environmental compliance audits
  • Environmental and operational integrity management systems

Environmental Sciences:

  • Atmospherics (air, noise, and light)
  • Aquatics (surface water, groundwater)
  • Marine (marine ecology, oceanography)
  • Terrestrial ecology (plants, animals, and microorganisms)