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Waste Management

Industrial Waste Management

The challenge of waste management is to discover solutions that are not only ecologically sustainable and compliant with environmental regulations, but also cost effective.

Advisian delivers complete lifecycle integrated waste management solutions, beginning with a waste management options analysis and waste facility siting, design, regulatory permitting, and compliance assessments. Our engineers provide the civil design, procurement, and construction supervision for:

  • Industrial (hazardous or non-hazardous) and municipal landfills
  • Hazardous waste treatment facilities
  • Treatment and compost facilities
  • Tailings facilities
  • Mine waste dumps
  • Liquid waste treatment and recycling

Our management programs include human and ecological risk assessment, risk modeling, and environmental management of soil, groundwater, and surface water around waste facilities and in the delineation and assessment of abandoned or damaged landfills.

Advisian provides expertise in all aspects of hazardous waste management, including compliance with state and federal environmental requirements and facility or project-specific procedures. We have developed site and project-specific Pollution Prevention (P2) and waste minimization programs that have enhanced environmental compliance and reduced disposal costs, and we are uniquely qualified to plan and implement P2 activities to ensure opportunities are identified, feasible, and effective.

Advisian also designs integrated, sustainable waste management plans for the production, storage, and sale of commercial byproducts, such as compost, fertilizers, gas, coke, Sulphur, and recyclables.

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