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What we do

Asset Advisory

Asset Advisory

Get the best out of your assets. We can help you to balance your risks and costs, improve performance, and stay on the right side of the regulators.

Advisian provides fully integrated and client focused asset management solutions intended to deliver the strategic benefits that are important to you. Our ability to deliver integrated management and technical consultancy enables us to deliver optimized solutions to ensure cost effective management of your assets.

By framing the challenge our step by step approached whether 3, 5 or 7 steps enable you to understand the critical challenges, address these challenges and implement the actions across a range of industries, from portfolio optimization in the infrastructure sector to managing OPEX spend in the HC sector.


The Challenge

A common challenge in managing assets  is a lack of alignment between business objectives, corporate risk drivers, OPEX and CAPEX spend. Our clients need to know the risk profile of all critical assets but are plagued by poor quality data and/or frameworks that are relied upon for managing existing asset and associated investment decisions.

How is Advisian's approach unique?

  • Our combination of strategic, commercial, and technical experts have first-hand experience and insights of your operational assets.
  • It is an objective, data-driven approach to risk assessment tailored to your business, which will be developed and agreed with your subject matter experts.
  • Our subject matter experts distinguish the exact data required to perform the risk assessments, thereby reducing future time and effort.
  • We augment your existing processes and systems to minimise disruption of your business
  • Knowledge transfer is a key focus, ensuring that our framework is practical and easy for you to use.

Our experience includes:

  • Development of Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMPs), including strategies for funding and prioritisation
  • Financial and commercial understanding and experience used to optimise value from an asset portfolio
  • Skills to analyse and develop tools to improve, prioritise and add real value to aid in key decision making
  • Combining technical understanding of asset life with commercial knowledge of efficient asset management
  • Experience in setting up computerised maintenance management systems, including SAP
  • Implementation of digital asset management plans, strategies and systems, which interface with enterprise systems such as SAP and Maximo
  • Tools and expertise to collect and monitor condition and other asset data
Adrian Stockill

Adrian Stockill

Managing Consultant

Adrian is an asset management strategy advisor and a specialist in optimisation of manufacturing effectiveness. With over 30 years’ experience in both the UK and New Zealand, he has worked both client-side and consultant-side on a wide range of manufacturing and infrastructure sector projects. These include projects in chemicals, textiles, timber processing, oil refining, food & beverage, ports, and gas distribution.

Kirsten Oliver

Global Asset Advisory Service Line Lead

Kirsten is an experienced Asset Management Business Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the oil and energy industry. She has strong technical and project management skills in Oil and Gas, Asset Integrity and Engineering.

Mario Satrio

Mario Satrio

Managing Consultant - Lifting Engineering

Mario has a background working in both the structural and mechanical sides of lifting, and provides a complete knowledge of lifting operations from design to implementation of onshore, inshore, offshore and on-vessel lifting. His previous work has included preparing advanced engineering drafting and drawings with specific procedures, conventions and standards, engineering and calculating mechanical, structural and lifting strengths of individual materials and constructed units, working with Australian, International and Company implemented standards for design, fabrication and operation in all environments (inclusive of EN12079, DNV2.7-1, DNV2.7-2, DNV2.73, AS1666.1-2009, AWS D1.1, AS1554.1, Lloyd’s Register L.A.M.E, W1000AG400, API2C & D).