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What we do

Predictive analytics for HSE

Our cloud-based platform, SaltGrid, applies artificial intelligence to your health, safety and environmental (HSE) data to predict the number and types of incidents likely to occur.

Better HSE decisions through artificial intelligence

Strip out human bias icon

Strip out human bias

Using HSE and other system data, SaltGrid recognizes patterns and relationships that standard business intelligence does not, stripping out human bias from trending and analysis efforts.

Predict what's likely to occur icon

Predict what’s likely to occur

SaltGrid can accurately predict the nature and timing of upcoming incidents, highlighting key causes and contributing factors.

Improve HSE leadership icon

Improve HSE leadership

SaltGrid analyzes HSE leadership, training and other activities to identify which are most effective in preventing incidents that are likely to arise.

Our goal is to make better HSE decisions based on an accurate picture of likely events, actions and outcomes.

SaltGrid in action

Accurately forecast the number of upcoming incidents

The most simple prediction entails forecasting the likely number of incidents for the next period.



Near misses graph on laptop
Accurately forecast the nature of upcoming incidents

SaltGrid establishes where and when specific incidents are likely to occur, highlighting focus areas for the next month or quarter.



Monitor with graph
Understand how factors work together

SaltGrid highlights hidden relationships, exposing the interplay between contributing factors and causes.



Safety factors working together graph on screen
Know what’s working… and what’s not

SaltGrid evaluates the effectiveness of proactive activities (such as training and inspections) in reducing incidents. This helps you target your resources in the right areas.



What safety factor work graph on tablet

Getting started

Getting started with SaltGrid generally requires three steps to realise the power of predicting and to make better safety decisions. Request information to find out more.

Three phases to get started with SaltGrid: simulation, phase 1 analysis, implementation Three phases to get started with SaltGrid: simulation, phase 1 analysis, implementation

A winning partnership 

Minimizing health, safety and environmental incidents in the energy and resources industry by leveraging predictive analytics.

Advisian Digital and SaltGrid - a winning partnership Advisian Digital and SaltGrid - a winning partnership

Advisian Digital has created a unique service offering, combining the experience and expertise of the WorleyParsons Group with leading data science company, SaltGrid. SaltGrid helps enterprises minimise health, safety and environmental incidents by leveraging predictive analytics.

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