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Energy Tracker

Energy Tracker

Monitors the energy use and energy efficiency of an installation in real-time

With web-enabled and secure functionality, approved users have access to ongoing energy, emissions, and KPI performance.

Energy Tracker saves the operator significant unnecessary expenditure, sometimes millions of dollars, by

  • Tracking the efficiency of offshore combustion equipment in real time
  • Monitoring energy efficiency and identifies loss, therefore reducing the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere
  • Enabling operators to reduce costs through optimised maintenance scheduling and reduced fuel consumption
  • Flagging potential issues as they occur, and helps to ensure compliance with offshore environmental regulations, such as the PPC Regulations and the Emissions Trading Scheme, by ensuring that engines are running efficiently and plants are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Removing the need for complicated spreadsheets, increasing reporting integrity and auditability

Used in conjunction with our Emissions Forecaster tool, it provides accurate and realistic scenario-based projections. Energy Tracker gives a graphical viewpoint as to whether operations are likely to exceed expected emissions, relating values to limit as applicable.

Energy Tracker is currently being used worldwide both either stand-alone or web based and is backed up by a large team of multi-disciplinary engineers to offer continuous technical support.

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