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Digital Operations

Oil refinery at night Oil refinery at night

Digital Operations collects and integrates data from offline and online condition monitoring repositories and process historians to provide a comprehensive view of an asset’s health and performance. By continuously monitoring and trending data, we automatically identify anomalies and support a continuous improvement cycle, tracking failures and downtime, and providing an integrated process for refining and amending asset strategies based on root causes.

Tony Nitchov Advisian Digital

Tony Nitchov

Managing Director, Global Consulting, Advisian Digital

Tony leads the Global Digital Consulting business of Advisian Digital. He has over 15 years senior management experience in driving transformational change and business optimization across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific regions. With a strong technical background, he possesses a unique ability to balance big-picture strategic thinking with tactical execution and delivery and helps clients deliver value from digital through practical, results-driven strategies and plans.