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What we do

Digital Advisory

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Advisian Digital Advisory combines data-centric capabilities, deep engineering know-how and international business acumen to support you on your digital journey. As Digital Realists, we have created an ecosystem combining resource and energy organizations, technology companies and venture capitalists to create mutual value from digital technologies and partnerships.

In today’s complex digital landscape, our objective is to help you achieve a state of clarity through the development of coherent and actionable strategies that deliver real business outcomes. With clarity comes informed decision-making, providing you with a competitive edge to win new business, improve operational performance and better financial outcomes.

Supported by the global reach and significant technical prowess of Worley, our digital team:

  • Help companies make informed technology decisions by establishing appropriate digital strategies, and the identification, filtering and validation of value-adding technology

  • Assist technology companies by validating the market for their technology, proving their technology on client sites through fully-managed engagements, and establishing effective commercialization strategies

Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy

Managing Director, Advisian Digital

With 30 years experience, Brian specialises in innovation and business improvement in the mining, hydrocarbons, processing, power and manufacturing industries across the United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, New Zealand and Australia. In this role, Brian works side-by-side with clients to help them address their data and technology challenges and drive value for their business.