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Digital consulting

Advisian Digital helps you navigate the digital landscape, employ project and operations solutions that integrate project and asset data, and overcome barriers to change.

With specific business and engineering knowledge and real-life project and asset experience, we implement fit-for-purpose digital strategies. Using a systematic set of tools, processes and know-how, we’ll help you make quicker, more informed, and at times, novel decisions that will determine the optimal physical or commercial action your facility or business needs to return the expected value. Our aim is to connect the dots of the digital value chain from captured data into value captured.

Digital Advisory

Actionable strategies and advice that delivers real business outcomes.

Digital Advisory connects resource and energy companies, technology companies and venture capitalists to create mutual value from digital technologies and partnerships. By establishing appropriate digital strategies and identifying, filtering and validating value-adding technology we help you make more informed decisions.



Digital Projects

Puts project and asset data in one place so it can be analyzed, actioned, audited and maintained for the rest of the asset’s lifecycle.

Digital Projects integrates your data, drawings, documents and databases from a variety of scopes and contractors to provide a unified view across your project and asset. This reduces the number of project deliverables, maximizes the use and reuse of engineering and asset data and information, and ensures a high-level of data quality is achieved and maintained across your organization’s data and information assets.



Digital Operations

Integrates inspection and condition monitoring data to catch failures before they become critical.

Digital Operations collects and integrates data from offline and online condition monitoring repositories and process historians to provide a comprehensive view of an asset’s health and performance. By continuously monitoring and trending data, we automatically identify anomalies and support a continuous improvement cycle,tracking failures and downtime, and providing an integrated process for refining and amending asset strategies based on root causes.