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Advisian acts as an agent to represent some of the world's most recognised software.


Advisian is a partner with Dassault Systemes and is a reseller and trainer for Abaqus Unified FEA Solution within Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. For example, in the automotive industry engineering work groups can consider full vehicle loads, dynamic vibration, multi-body systems, impact/crash, nonlinear static, thermal coupling, and acoustic-structural coupling using a common model data structure and integrated solver technology. 


Advisian is a partner with the AnyLogic Company and is a reseller and trainer for AnyLogic Software within Australia and provides consulting offerings across most industries and applications. AnyLogic can be used to simulate any system or process related to business or research, from manufacturing lines and logistics to marketing campaigns and social changes, in a visual drag-and-drop environment.