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What we do

Advanced Analysis Group

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By combining our analytical strengths with our clients’ business know-how, we don’t develop any solution – we develop the best one for their business.

Advisian offers clients access to a range of advanced analysis products as well as technical support, training and mentoring.

We represent these products in a range of markets worldwide, including products developed by Advisian and our parent company WorleyParsons, as well as publicly available software.

Advisian’s advanced analysis products include:

  • DELTΔ™ Portfolio Optimization Tool
  • DELTΔ™ Option Selection Tool    
  • Click-on Blast Tool    
  • waterRIDE™: A unique water resources investigation system developed by WorleyParsons to allow the presentation and interrogation of time-varying numerical hydrodynamic model results    
  • Rail Technology Solutions from WorleyParsons/DeltaRail: A suite of specialized software and hardware for the rail industry    
  • AnyLogic is a world leading dynamic simulation software for the entire business lifecycle. It is the only simulation tool that supports all the most common simulation methodologies in place today: System Dynamics, Process-centric and Agent Based modelling. With a range of inbuilt libraries such as rail and pedestrian the software is user friendly and can be used to solve a diverse range of problems. For more information please contact us at: anylogic@advisian.com    

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