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Hydro power dam

Hydroelectricity is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. Advisian’s proven experience in all stages of hydroelectric development and operation enable us to provide optimized, cost-saving and risk-reducing solutions at any phase of the lifecycle.

Hydroelectricity, electricity generated by hydropower, is the most widely used form of renewable energy and, unlike fossil-fueled power plants, has virtually zero emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.  It is also nearly immune to changes in the cost of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or coal. 

Advisian has provided engineering services for hydroelectric and water resource projects for decades, with over 100 projects delivered. These projects range from less than 1 MW to as large as the 11,233 MW Belo Monte Power Project. In addition, Advisian has designed eight major pumped storage hydroelectric developments, more than any other engineering organization.

Our strength is our proven experience in all stages of hydroelectric development and operation. This starts from initial resource assessment and scanning, through option studies, selection of preferred configurations, design, procurement, construction and commissioning.

We remain engaged in our customers’ projects during the operation, maintenance and refurbishment phases to ensure results are responsive to customer needs and preferences.

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