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Sulphur Solutions

Sulphur Solutions

Comprimo brings more than 65 years of proven experience and expertise in the development, application, and management of sulphur removal technology, with more than 1,200 sulphur recovery units worldwide. We offer best-in-class technology to deliver optimized solutions for every project, backed by the renowned engineering delivery capability of the combined Worley organization.

Addressing the current and future challenges of the sulphur industry, Advisian provides solutions for environmental protection, sulphur removal, smelter off-gas cleaning, safe sulphur degassing, handling and storage, and sulphuric acid production through Chemetics. Design and technology have long been at the core of our offering, utilizing both proprietary and alliance partner technologies, enabling the delivery of optimized solutions for every project. We meet environmental standards around the globe through a complete range of sulphur recovery, including sour water stripping, amine treating, standard and oxygen-enriched Claus technology, and various additional tail gas treatment technologies.

We understand what it takes to deliver successful projects. Our global sulphur specialists provide expertise in technology selection, design, integration, revamping, operations, and client support. Advisian’s dedicated team of specialists review project requirements and study all feasible options, with consideration given to recovery and emission requirements, capacity limitations and plot space, as well as power and control integration. This analysis provides the highest reliability and flexibility possible, while achieving greater processing capability, unit efficiency and maximum on-stream time.

Delivering your sulphur projects

Chemetics and Comprimo deliver best-in-class technologies for all forms of sulphur species from H2S to sulphur, sulphur via SO2 to sulphuric acid, and sulphur handling and transportation. We provide solutions to help clients globally manage their sulphur species resource and turn waste into maximum profits with unparalleled reliability and complete project execution from the early days feasibility to the full EPC services including LS supply through the Worley group.

Comprimo Chemetics

The number of sulphur recovery units designed by the combined team is well over 1,200, ranging in production capability from a few tons per day to more than 2,400 tons per day.

We work across the project lifecycle, from the commencement of the basic engineering design package (BEDP), to execution and throughout the operational life of the asset. Our localized capabilities, supported by a comprehensive global network of experts, provides our clients with ongoing technical support and access to deep sulphur expertise around the world.

Advisian offers the following types of technologies:

  • Acid gas removal technology
  • Sulphur recovery technology
  • Tail gas technology
  • Amine treating
  • Tank farms
  • Utilities and offsite facilities

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