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Overcoming water scarcity

The world’s climate has a limited ability to evaporate sea water, generate rain clouds and replenish creeks, rivers and lakes with fresh water – water is a limited resource.

Steven Page Service Line Lead

by Steven Page

Water Specialist Services Service Line Lead, APAC, Brisbane

15 August 2017

The situation

 1 in 10 people dont have access to safe, global water demand forecast to increase by 55%, developing countries - 70% of waste dumped into waterways

What this means for industry

The challenge faced by industry leaders is to develop a sustainable approach to manage our precious water resources. This requires a multitude of integrated solutions incorporating energy efficient means of water sourcing, recycling and reuse, desalination and modified ground and surface water extraction techniques.

For example, Singapore has developed a progressive policy to maximise the reuse of wastewater (domestic and industrial) and desalination. These sources are estimated to provide 85% of the 2060 demand, which is expected to grow from 55% to 70% by 2060. Industry must strive for continuous reduction in water use and minimise the production of waste.


Singapore expect to provide 85% of the 2060 water demand reusing wastewater and desalination




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