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How technology is affecting the environmental industry

We caught up with the Environmental Business Journal to discuss digital transformation and how digital technologies will change the environmental industry for the better.

How technology is affecting the environmental industry

The opportunities that come from digital technology are only limited by the imagination of industry and the willingness of asset owners to go beyond the status quo.

In this article with the Environmental Business Journal, we look at how the environmental industry is being disrupted by technology such as machine learning and data science. We explore how these technologies will come together to shape the environmental industry into one with better situational awareness as sensing and data acquisition technologies become cheaper and more plentiful.

However, while data collection allows the industry to move towards more effective environmental solutions, it also presents challenges around the effective and accurate use of data. Guidelines around how data is shared and preserved will be a key focus for the next few years.

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Laith Amin

Laith Amin

Senior Vice President, Advisian Digital

Laith Amin leads leads the Advisian Digital group for Worley in North America and Europe, which delivers asset transformation by helping clients build and leverage their operational data environments. Laith’s broad cross-functional range of international experience includes support to asset owners across all areas of digital twinning and implementation of technology innovation including strategy and implementation. Laith earned a degree in Economics from the UK’s Leicester University in 1993, and later went on to graduate from Henley Management College with an MBA in 2004. Laith is based in Chicago and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family, running, cooking and takes a keen interest in world political and economic events.